Privacy statement

The agreeAdate service relies on email communication in order to plan events and collect responses. We also allow you to store telephone numbers of your contacts for convenience. We also display advertisements on the site from third parties who may collect session information from your browser.

Protection of your contact email addresses
The details of your contact database and invitees will not be passed on to third parties or used by us for marketing purposes. The sole use of these details will be to provide you with your online address book and to allow you to send emails to invitees as part of the event organisation process.

agreeAdate marketing
We will only contact you to inform you of status changes to your events or matters affecting the agreeAdate service. We will not contact you to try to sell you anything. If marketing communication is ever provided in the future, it will be an opt-in service so you would need to tell us you want to receive these offers.

Third party marketing
We do not provide your contact details to anybody else. You will not receive emails from third parties. Your contact details are for agreeAdate event planning communication only. We all get enough spam!

Use of cookies
We have to store cookies in your browser in order to identify you after you log in. We are unable to display your event details unless we receive a cookie for a current session. We also use a cookie if you have asked to log in automatically next time. Advertisers may use their own cookies to track click-throughs and to provide more targetted advertisements.

Session tracking
We may use information regarding your usage of the site in order to assess the site's effectiveness and usability.

Payment details
We do not store any bank or credit card information when you pay for a premium account. We simply hand you over to PayPal for payment processing and they let us know whether the payment has cleared or not. All we store is the success or failure of the transaction together with the country for tax purposes.

Legal obligations
We may be forced to supply details to police and Government agencies through international law. We will fully comply with any such obligations.