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Online Meeting Planner and Event Scheduler


How do I schedule a business meeting or conference call?

Scheduling a business meeting or conference call usually involves lots of phone calls or emails before you can find a date that is suitable for everyone. Keeping track of all the emails and notes you have taken can be extremely tedious.

With agreeAdate it's so much easier.

First, you create a new event via the button on the My Events page.

Select the type of event that you are planning. Next, enter details such as the title for the event and the venue.

Then add the dates that you want to suggest, using the TIME button to add multiple times on the same date if you need to.

The next step is to add the invitees. You can select these from your address book, or you can add new contacts. Enter categories against contacts if you want to be able to quickly pick contacts by category in the future. You can also import from Outlook, CSV or other formats.

You can now send out the invitations. Press the button under the list of contacts and check the text in the email template. This text will be saved so you can use it for any new invitations later. If you want to save it as a template for use in other events, click on the button at the bottom. Send yourself a sample to check how it will look. When you are happy, press Send, sit back and relax.

Your invitees will now receive their invitation emails.

Invitees will tick the dates they are available for. You will be notified by email when they update their availability. This email will also contain a link into your event to make your life easy.

If anyone contacts you directly, you can click on the icons in step 4 to update the availability so all your information is in one place.

In step 4 you will see an availability grid with a suggestion for the best date and time. When you are ready to confirm a date, just select it from the dropdown list. Everyone available on this date will then be selected automatically in the grid. If you need to update availability for someone, you can do this by clicking on the icons.

Finally, send out the confirmation emails using the button on the final step. Check the email as you did with the invitations by sending yourself a sample. Click Send to send everyone confirmation of the dates. They will get a personalised email showing which dates they are confirmed for and those they are not. They will also get a button to enable them to reply.

If you need to send emails to anyone at any time, just use the options in steps 4 or 5. You can select people by status such as those who have not yet responded. If you want to send attachments such as agendas or documents, just copy the recipient list and use your own email software (such as Microsoft Outlook).

Once you've done this once, it's even easier to set up the next meeting. Just start a new event from scratch or pick a similar meeting from My Events and click on Copy Event.