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Farewell agreeAdate

You were great.

The agreeAdate service has been permanently disconnected as advised in 2019.

agreeAdate was created in 2006 by Achorda (previously PSE Ltd) to offer a solution to the headache of getting mutliple people to agree a date for events.

agreeAdate helped thousands of people all over the world to organise over 150,000 events.

Sadly, agreeAdate was no longer viable once newer services became available and new GDPR laws hampered the speedy processes agreeAdate users had grown to rely on.

The Achorda team are very proud of agreeAdate, but we're busy with new and exciting projects now such as our bespoke software solutions and the continued development of PostCodeStar.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements for bespoke solutions for CRM and event management please get in touch.

01865 364 970