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agreeAdate saves you time and money by avoiding telephone and email tag to find when people are free. Just send invitations to collect availability and then make your choice from the results.
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As a charitable organisation working with lots of scattered volunteers, agreeAdate has been fantastic for arranging meetings. We use it frequently! What a great idea - thank you!

Daniel Clark
Associate Vicar
Christ Church Clifton
Bristol, UK

Which type of event are you planning?

conference call

Conference call

Quickly find when all participants are free and choose the best time from the availability grid. Full timezone support allowing people to see the options in their own local time. Use your own conference call provider or one of our low-cost alternatives.

face to face meeting

Business meeting

Send out invitations for a meeting with various date and time options and choose the one that's most convenient for everyone.

schedule appointments

Appointments / sessions / slots

Invite people to choose an available slot online. Slots may be for one- on-one meetings, training courses, IT upgrades, staff interviews or anything. You can limit each slot to one or more people to suit your needs. agreeAdate will then ensure people only choose slots where there are places available.

social event

Social event

Busy social life? Find a gap in everyone's busy social calendars and make it happen!

sports fixture

Sports fixture

Are you a team captain? agreeAdate will make your life so much easier. Plan all of your fixtures in one go and get players to let you know when they can play. Choose teams and reserves from the availability grid and then confirm each fixture separately.


Rotas / Rosters / Miscellaneous

Flexible mode allowing people to be allocated to one or more dates once their availability is known.

What's new?
IMPORTANT! - agreeAdate will be permanently closed from 1 October 2020
We are no longer taking payments for account upgrades

Important changes to Privacy Policy
New GDPR regulations are coming into force in May 2018 to protect your personal data.

One of the main changes will be that consent will have to be obtained from any contacts in your address book, otherwise they will have to be removed. We will also need consent from you to continue using your data in the application.

Also, you will not be able to email contacts through agreeAdate unless they are registered and have given their consent to the use of their data on the website.

Don't worry, everything will be clarified shortly on the website. Please look out for more information which will appear on the website soon.